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Belly Stripper Targets Belly Flab that Mayo Clinic Study Calls Highest Risk for Death

– August 2012 Mayo Clinic study indicating that people who had the highest cardiovascular death risk were those who had central obesity with a normal body mass index (BMI) –

Port Ludlow, WA (October 10, 2012) – Belly Stripper™, a revolutionary topical cream designed to reduce belly flab during sleep, announced recent research from an August 2012 Mayo Clinic study indicating that people who had the highest cardiovascular death risk were those who had central obesity with a normal body mass index (BMI), or a high waist-to-hip ratio. It included a sampling from the U.S. population of 12,785 adults.

Belly Stripper could help target and detox belly flab to help people of normal weight lose belly flab, and this could become one of the leading methods to eliminate such fat.

The researchers found out through a survey entitled “The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination” that although central obesity is bad it is more about the distribution of the fat in our bodies. People of a normal weight even had the highest death rate, and their death rates were even higher than people whose body mass index put them at an obese level.

The researchers examined body measurements (weight, height, waist and circumferences), comorbidities as well as socioeconomic and physiological, status, plus the lab measurements. Baseline data were compared to the National Death Index in order to assess deaths upon follow-up.

Following are the three BMI categories that people examined These were divided into:
• 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2 = Normal
• 25.0 to 29.9 kg/m2 = Overweight
• > than 30 kg/m2 = Obese

Plus there were also two categories for waist-to-hip ratios:
• • e0.85 in women and e0.90 in men = High

This analysis indicated that the risk of cardiovascular death was 2.75 times higher, and the risk of death from all causes was 2.08 times higher, in people with central obesity who were of normal weight, compared to those with a normal waist-to-hip BMI and BMI ratio.

Belly Stripper uses a combination of key organic botanical ingredients that have been shown in market tests to improve appearance of the belly and body by reducing belly fat. It’s like dimensional travel -you can simply go back in size.

Our bodies hang on to toxins in the fat tissue that lies deep down next to the organs. Once Belly Stripper helps cleanse and detox this fat tissue, the body lets go of fat, resulting in reduced belly fat.

As one Los Angeles-based customer named Mike said, “My first jar of Belly Stripper lasted for 35 days! During that time, I rediscovered a more contoured, svelte look. It was like looking in the mirror from 20 years ago. I made no changes in my diet and actually cut back on the time I spent in my infra-red sauna. I have to say I was really skeptical that Belly Stripper would work, but the results speak for themselves and I lost 4 inches around my waist and 12 pounds.”

For more information on how Belly Stripper works detox belly fat, go to

About Belly Stripper
Belly Stripper body contouring cream is a division of J.P. Durga, which was founded in 1999 and is located in Port Ludlow, Washington, on the pristine Puget Sound. In addition to Belly Stripper, the company manufacturers Detox Cleansing Deodorant™, an aluminum free deodorant, daytime deodorants, Nubian goat’s milk soaps, skin moisturizers, shampoos, salves and more. The natural, organic products are synthetic chemical and petroleum-free without parabens, phthalates, fillers, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrance or color, or anything derived from petroleum. Every organic skin care product contains the company’s proprietary Herbalix™ Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend an organic preservative which eliminates the need for any synthetic preservatives.

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