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Abdominal Fat: Why We Have it.

It is no secret that as humans get older extra pounds pile on around the midsection, causing what is commonly known for men as a “beer belly” or for women, the “middle age spread.” It is called abdominal or visceral fat, and the truth is, it can be a key component in many health problems — much more so than subcutaneous fat, which is the kind of fat you can pinch. One other note– body fat is also called adipose tissue.

Visceral fat lives deep inside the abdominal cavity, and it is associated with metabolic disturbances and increased risk for type 2 diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease. This type of fat pads the areas in between the organs in your abdominal cavity.

The manufacturers of Belly Stripper®, the body fat contouring cream for nighttime use, have been doing research about abdominal fat to understand why this miracle cream works to help people get rid of their belly fat. The results can be from the combination of natural ingredients like caster oil and kelp. The testimonials just keep on coming in. It works.

Researchers have been measuring abdominal fat and study the correlation it has with health risks, along with reviewing any changes that occur with age and overall weight gain. Visceral fat diminishes pretty easily with diet and exercise, and at the same time this will help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The bad news is that subcutaneous fat around the waist is very hard to get rid of even though it is generally not considered as much of a health threat as visceral fat.

Today’s latest research finds that these abdominal fat cells are biologically active, and they produce hormones and other substances that can seriously affect our health by disrupting the normal balance of hormones including lepton which is released to curb the appetite after we eat a meal. Fat cells produce adiponectin, another hormone, which is believed to influence the response of cells to insulin.

Excess abdominal fat, insulin resistance, bad cholesterol levels –especially high triglycerides– and high high blood glucose worth together to form what is known as the metabolic syndrome, a risk factor for heart disease.

The bottom line is that that lifestyle, especially exercise, is the best way to fight visceral fat. However, many of the BellyStripper® users are finding that one of its effects is loss of their muffin tops.

Duke University Medical Center researchers found that the non-exercisers experienced a nearly 9 percent gain in visceral fat after six months. Subjects who exercised the equivalent of walking or jogging 12 miles per week put on no visceral fat.

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