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New Theories in Weight Loss: BellyStripper Detoxes Belly Flab

There are new studies, research and weight loss programs emerging globally every day. Belly fat is one of the most popular topics these days when it comes to weight loss. Most people have trouble losing weight, and sadly obesity and other medical problems are just increasing because of it.

There is new research and some new weight loss strategies that are working for many people. One in particular in called BellyStripper, a detox cream applied nightly. This new program helps cleanse inflammation and toxins in the deep fat tissues, and also the liver, and once cleansed, then the fat lets go. The result? Belly fat loss.

Belly Stripper basically uses a combination of key organic botanical ingredients that have been shown in market tests to improve appearance of the belly and body by reducing belly flab. The way it works focuses on detoxing belly flab. Our bodies hang on to toxins in our fat tissue, deep down inside next to the organs. Once the tissue has been cleansed and detoxed, it lets go of the fat. And the result is reduced belly flab. You literally shrink from the inside out.

BellyStripper could prove enormous in the way of results after three to six months. Many people using BellyStripper have lost up to seven inches and 25 pounds. In one case, check out how one user tracked her progress. Great result!

“I lost inches – My waist went from 37 to 35 inches, hips went from 44 to 42 inches” –Laurie Neverman, Common Sense Homesteading Blog, Denmark, WI

For more informaiton about Belly Strippr go to

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