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New Weight Loss Programs in 2013

What is the right way to lose weight? Many people have theories, and there are new products, new weight loss programs, studies and research every day globally. What’s more, belly fat seems to be the most popular weight loss topic these days and if you are like most people who have trouble losing weight in that area, then read on.

BellyStripper, a detox cream applied nightly is the latest weight control product that helps cleanse inflammation and toxins in the deep fat tissues. Once accomplished, the fat lets go and belly flab is stripped away.

The “Zen to Slim Weight Loss Plan” advocates that rather than trying to change your life with an intense weight loss plan, just start small and make a commitment to get exercise for 15 minutes each day for 30 days straight. Begin with a modest program of walking, hiking, or using a treadmill, biking, or rowing, machine. The actual exercise you do doesn’t matter, as long as you get moving. The program says start slow and easy, be consistent and do it daily.

Really look at what you eat, and try to eat slowly. Replace bad foods like starchy potatoes with brown rice, or fatty beef with lean meat. Some key points include eating smaller portions, and not just three big meals, but go with five or six smaller meals daily. Step up and intensify your exercise schedule slowly every day then once a month or two has gone by,  your body will be used to daily exercise. Then begin to intensify your exercise regimen by increasing the duration of workouts. Increase their intensity then follow them with an easy workout the next day.

When you use BellyStripper  nightly for belly flab loss, along with this program, you will see results. In fact, the Zen approach along with new products like BellyStripper could prove enormous in the way of results after three to six months. Many people using BellyStripper have lost up to seven inches and 25

Try to go one month without any sweets and have less each day as a more gradual approach. If this proves to be too difficult, then simply add a cheat day. For instance, you could allow Saturday as the only day of the week when you are allowed to eat a sweet.

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