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Study on Childhood Eating Habits Sheds Light on Obesity

–Obesity is not simple in how our bodies react to how much food we eat and our activity levels–

Port Ludlow, WA (September 10, 2012)
Belly Stripper™, a revolutionary topical cream designed to reduce belly flab during sleep, notes a new study finds surprising eating habits in children who are obese. The study by University of North Carolina School of Medicine pediatrics found that obesity might begin when children eat more during early childhood, but as they get older, obesity continues without eating any more calories.

The study’s researchers found a difference in the eating habits of overweight children from the ages of nine to 17 years of age compared to those younger than nine. Although the younger obese children ate more calories each day than their peers of a normal weight, among them, the pattern was reversed in that they ate fewer calories daily than their healthy weight peers.

It would appear that children who are obese typically remain obese as they age, and they continue to remain obese without eating any more calories than their normal weight peers. Of course obese children are not as active as their normal weight peers, and as other research indicates, obesity is not simply in how our bodies react to how much food we eat and our activity levels.

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, more than a third of adults in the United States, or more than 72 million people, and 16 percent of U.S. children are obese. What’s more, approximately two thirds of Americans are either obese or overweight. Since 1980, obesity rates for adults have more than doubled, while the rates for children have nearly tripled.

Belly Stripper was born out of research into products and formulations that cleanse the body of unwanted aluminum and salts. This natural body contouring cream helps to melt away belly flab. It is safe and effective, thanks to a proprietary blend of herbs and plants harvested from the land and sea, Belly Stripper is applied topically every night.

“Belly flab can develop from a combination of gluten, salts and sugars often found in processed foods. Overloading of these foods and individual inactivity contributes to excess fat in areas of the belly, arms and legs, said Michael Fessler, founding partner and vice president. “Doctors frustrated with these unhealthy issues are now urging their patients to use the Belly Stripper on belly flab to cleanse the fat away. Many doctors are finding the results amazing and give this product thumbs up.”

Features, Benefits and Pricing

The benefits of using Belly Stripper are that it is a natural cleanser that contours and reduces belly fat, improves emotional well-being, and helps people feel younger and look better. Effective for men, women and teens, Belly Stripper helps users:

• Reduce belly flab
• Improve “muffin top” syndrome
• Rejuvenate belly fat
• Be more active with less stress
• Increase self-esteem and confidence

Belly Stripper is available in a 4 oz. size at for $79.95 MSRP plus shipping. Belly Stripper is manufactured in small, controlled batches using only fresh, quality ingredients that meet the company’s standards. It incorporates the Herbalix™ Sea Blend Preservative System, one of the only organic preservatives on the market. Free of synthetic chemicals, this preservative has proven to be extremely effective throughout varied and stringent lab studies conducted in the United States.

About Belly Stripper

Belly Stripper body contouring cream is a division of J.P. Durga, which was founded in 1999 and is located in Port Ludlow, Washington, on the pristine Puget Sound. In addition to Belly Stripper, the company manufacturers Detox Cleansing Deodorant™, an aluminum free deodorant, daytime deodorants, Nubian goat’s milk soaps, skin moisturizers, shampoos, salves and more. The natural, organic products are synthetic chemical and petroleum-free without parabens, phthalates, fillers, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrance or color, or anything derived from petroleum. Every organic skin care product contains the company’s proprietary Herbalix™ Botanical and Sea Vegetable Blend one of the only organic preservatives on the market, which eliminates the need for any synthetic preservatives.

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