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Ten Health Tips for 2013: Detoxing Belly Flab for a Healthier You

Is that really you? Are you looking at someone in the mirror that you’d like to change? Is your neck too thick, or your skin to pale? If so then it’s time to become the real you instead of being the person you don’t want to be. Who’s in charge here? It really depends upon you. Most of us try but then we lose momentum. Following is a list of ten health care tips that will help you succeed if you follow them:

1. Save Money – Most of us think that we save money and are safe when buying from large corporations. Do you ever wonder where large corporations get the money to advertise all of their products? A large portion of their budgets go into advertising and this expense is part of the total cost to you. Therefore they look for ways to reduce their manufacturing costs by cutting corners at your expense in terms of quality ingredients, processing and manufacturing overseas. Remember they have stockholders and money comes before you.

2. Think quality instead of quality – Consider a small company who puts quality into their products which are healthier for you and better for our environment. Pure organic products from companies like Herbalix Restoratives, manufacturers of Belly Stripper last longer than the cheaper versions and end up costing less in the long run. Don’t be held hostage by “sexy” packaging.

3. Change Your Diet – Lately the news media and health gurus have been telling us to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and fast foods. A GMO is one where its genetic material has been altered using what is known as genetic engineering. Think of these foods as “Franken foods” which are over processed, loaded with impurities and can lead to inflammation and obesity. It’s important to avoid these foods because once the impurities are in your body, they accumulate and create visceral fat which the body has difficulty eliminating.

4. Exercise – This can take many forms than just going to the gym. Try taking up something fun like tango or Zumba dancing, or a sports activity that you enjoy like hiking, swimming, bicycling or tennis. It is always fun to share your activity with someone else.

5. Watch out for Aluminum – Learn what is in your food and medicines by reading labels. One element that is associated with poor health is aluminum, which can appear in many forms and it is secretly used as cheap fillers by leading manufacturers of processed foods, medicines and cosmetics. You may be accumulating aluminum in your body every day which can be detrimental to your health. Learning the various forms of aluminum from salts, talc powder, food coloring, sunscreens and personal care products is important. Visit for a list of sources of exposure to aluminum and the many associated diseases. Always avoid any products that contain synthetic chemicals and petroleum, which grossly affect the liver.

6. Reshaping the Body – If you want to reshape your body, first look at getting ready of the waste. We all carry too much fluid. The new trend for 2013 is using topical products that cleanse and detox at the same time so that you can get rid of accumulated waste. One of these remarkable new products getting rave reviews is Belly Stripper (, and customer testimonials prove that it helps reduce belly flab.

7. Drop belly fat – There are a myriad of claims made for weight loss products. Knowing the cause of belly fat is critical, and it typically originates with a stubborn liver. If you want to cleanse your internal organs and visceral fat layers where impurities accumulate, it could take several months. Doctor recommended Belly Stripper will become your best friend in 2013. There is, however, one side effect – fat loss. So you will need to start budgeting for new clothing!

8. Practice patience with yourself – Take the time to read labels and manage your daily food accordingly. Don’t push yourself with too much exercise or starvation. Patience helps get rid of all the stress which can also negatively affect your health.

9. Keep a record of your results – It is important to remember where you started from and to measure your results. Consistency in your thoughts, attitude, and emotions are an important part of weight loss, reduction in inches and vanishing fat.

10. Take small steps towards change – And believe you’ll get there eventually. But remember to stay in the moment, and good luck!

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