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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the cream do I need and how do I apply the Belly Stripper?

Put a small amount (1 teaspoon or less) on fingers and rub together to soften and warm up. Apply directly to stomach (abdomen) or desired area in a circular – clockwise direction.

How often do I need to use the cream?

It is more effective if the cream is used every night, at bedtime. In this way it works with the body during its cleansing period or natural circadian rhythms.

Which is best time to use, day or night?

Both will work but using it at night will yield the best results more quickly because the body naturally cleanses at night.

What’s in the Belly Stripper and are there any chemicals?

The key ingredients include the safest procured kelp, shelled Coriander Seed, high grade Magnesium, special cut Olive Leaf, the powerful Herbalix Cleansing Seaweed Preservative, as well as a selection of botanically derived carrier oils and carefully selected pyramidal essential oils. There are no synthetic chemicals of any sort, no fillers, dyes or unnecessary ingredients.

Where is it made, this Belly Stripper?

Belly Stripper is made entirely in the United States, in Port Ludlow, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula using American workers. It is formulated, blended, processed, packaged, and distributed in the USA. It is stored in an ambient temperature warehouse, protected from heat, sun and contamination.

How long does a jar last?

A four ounce jar will last a minimum of one month but may last up to 2 – 3 months. This will all depend on the frequency of use, how much is applied and individual body requirements.

How long should I use it?

For continued and lasting results, it is best to use the cream as a standard practice, either night or day.

If I stop using it what happens?

Because of gradual buildup of toxins in fat deposits, it is important to keep the accumulation under control. By using the Belly Stripper regularly, accumulation can be safely, easily and conveniently managed.

Why the funny taste side effect?

As we cleanse away the accumulated toxins, the senses of the body will be affected such as the feel of the skin, our taste buds and sense of smell. The funny taste is from toxic chemicals resulting from smoking, drinking, medications or chemicals in foods which are being released. The skin is also reacting to what is coming out of the body (a sensory response, not an allergic reaction).

How can I tell if it’s working (what will I notice in the first week)?

During the first week sleep patterns may change (usually with more restful sleeping) and dreams may become vivid. Elimination (all types) should improve, increase and be more regular. Energy levels should rise with diminished stiffness in joints, limbs and overall body. Flexibility will also start to increase.

How does the formulation of ingredients work for belly fat?

The unique blend of oils softens the belly and allows better blood flow. This will encourage the body to flush the lymph channels and eliminate the fat.

Does Belly Stripper really help “melt fat”?

Belly Stripper does not interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize stored fat. The liver can be a source of stored emotions such as anger, sorrow and sadness. By nightly cleansing and detoxing the region of the stomach, Belly Stripper will osmotically purify stagnant impurities and unwanted fat. This is brand new science.

What kind of results have been reported after using Belly Stripper as far as losing inches?

Reports of 1 – 4 inches in 3 months for women and up to 5 inches for men. We do have reports on weight reduction for up to 9 pounds in one month for some women and 10 pounds for men. Upwards to 25 – 30 pounds within 3 to four months. This is not necessarily typical of all users. Mostly during the initial couple of months you will start to recognize the changes internally before you see the changes externally.

What were some of the comments heard when using Belly Stripper?

Things like more energy, increased flexibility, clothing fitting nicely or getting very loose (returning to previous wardrobe), rings falling off, body contours becoming defined and visible, total body sculpting from head to toe.

Would you feel comfortable with a person that has a compromised immune system using Belly Stripper?

Yes, it does not affect the immune system – compromised or otherwise.

Is there a downside to Belly Stripper?

There is no downside to using Belly Stripper. Just use it once a day or night to minimize detox acceleration.

Does this really affect the visceral fat in the abdomen?

Yes. Visceral is the deep stored fat which is so hard to get rid of; it works to flush it out (irrigation of fluids thru the fat to break it up). The way you know this is because the entire body is showing results and the functions of the body are responding. This would not be so if it were subcutaneous fat which is more responsive to diet and exercise. (less calories and aerobic energy/heat)

How soon does one expect to see results (lost inches) from Belly Stripper?

This varies from person to person, some reports of within one month show noticeable (visible) signs, with physical changes in bodily functions such as elimination happening in the earlier stages of using the cream. Many report that by two months they are seeing considerable changes in body sculpting and measurements. For some it is up to 3 months for visible changes to become apparently. All these improvements will continue as long as you have stored visceral fat, and will only improve with use. A good measurement of how long to expect to reach the desired result is that for every year of added fat (inches or pounds); it will take approximately 21 – 30 days of cream use to take effect. Ideally if you are trying to get rid of 30 pounds of stored fat from 10 years of accumulation, expect approximately from 7 to 10 months. These are preliminary results.

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