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How Belly Stripper® Works

Belly Stripper® uses a combination of key organic botanical ingredients that have been shown in market tests to improve appearance of the belly and body by reducing belly flab. It’s like dimensional travel -you can simply go back in size.

The way it works has to do with detoxing belly flab. Our bodies hang on to toxins in our fat tissue, deep down inside next to the organs. Once the tissue has been cleansed and detoxed, it lets go of the fat. And the result is reduced belly flab. You literally shrink from the inside out as belly flab melts away while you sleep.

This Means Belly Stripper®:

  • Gets you streamlined
  • Helps you drop that beer belly
  • Enhances that sexy, svelte look in women
  • Enhances that strong, stud like look in men
  • Is an all natural contour cream
  • Formulated for night time use
  • Effective for both men, women and teens

Belly Stripper® is designed to cleanse your body while you sleep. Developed from years of medical research, this natural health care product is effective in cleansing from the inside out. People accumulate impurities regularly (they are found in our water, our air, our food, and surroundings) so cleansing while sleeping supports the body’s restorative powers.

Belly Stripper® rejuvenates your belly while you sleep, taking years off your appearance. You too will be saying, “See you later puffy belly layer!”

Key ingredients include: Laminara digitata (kelp) – when absorbed trans-dermally it can result in optimum reduction of impurities and metals; Coriandrum sativum (coriander) – traps moisture like a sponge and dislodges buildup; and Oleae europaea (olive leaf) – effective in cleansing and absorbing toxins.

Belly Stripper® stays fresh because of its unique Herbalix™ Sea Blend Preservative System which is a complex and potent herbal/botanical tincture with origins in Chinese, East Indian and Native American traditions. This organic preservative consists of a blend of herbs and plants harvested from the land and sea. The manufacturing process takes eight weeks.

Just received my re-order. My first jar of Belly Stripper® lasted for 35 days! During that time, I rediscovered a more contoured, svelte look.  It was like looking in the mirror from 20 years ago. I made no changes in my diet and actually cut back on the time I spent in my infra-red sauna. I have to say I was really skeptical that Belly Stripper® would work, but the results speak for themselves.”
Mike K., Los Angeles, CA

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